Getting started with Adyen

Adyen maintains a C-Level integration to us, that means settlement and the related reporting will be directly provided by PrimeiroPay. In order to facilitate this process in the most efficient way, PrimeiroPay offers the same reportings as Adyen does (incl. identical field names and respective values).


  • You will need to send us all charges in currency = BRL. See section 7 on how to convert into BRL
  • You can either use an existing Merchant Account and configure that all BRL transactions will be routed to PrimeiroPay or you open a separate Merchant Account with Adyen for PrimeiroPay inside Adyen
  • An agreement with PrimeiroPay directly. Adyen will be solely the gateway to forward the transaction to us

1. Reporting / Settlement

Please refer to the following three sections to learn more about PrimeiroPay's reporting and settlement terms. The settlement report provided by PrimeiroPay is identical to what you receive from Adyen in other territories. 

Reporting Guidelines (external use)

Settlement Term

Connect to PrimeiroPay's SFTP

2. Chargeback notifications

Chargebacks are being reported through chargeback reports made available daily through our SFTP.  You will also receive them in the settlement report respectively. 

To receive chargeback notifications in real-time, please refer to this integration manual to retrieve PrimeiroPay's webhooks:

3. Handling Billing address

Some payment methods require a billing address to be sent, like Boleto. Please respect the following rules to avoid errors in transactions:

Field Name in Adyen




Country code with 2 digits



billingAddress.cityCityA255São Paulo
billingAddress.streetStreetAN100 (characters shared with houseNumberOrName)Av Paulista
billingAddress.houseNumberOrNameHouse NumberAN100 (characters shared with Street)1234
billingAddress.stateOrProvinceState with 2 digitsA2SP
billingAddress.postalCodePostal/zip code with 8 numeric digitsN804538905

4. Collecting / Sending the CPF number

PrimeiroPay requires the social security number of the shopper for each transaction. This is required by the Central Bank of Brazil and common practice for any purchase made online.

If you are using the Hosted Payment Page of Adyen, the field can be simply activated there.

If you are using Client Sided Encryption, you will need to send this additional field in your payment request:

Field Name in Adyen





CPF number of customer; CNPJ of the company making a purchase

    N11 or    N14


or 50966454000190 

Please validate the CPF number using the following javascript:

5. Supported Payment Methods

Adyen Checkout TechnologyCards (VISA,MASTER,ELO,AMEX,HIPERCARD)Boletos / Oxxo
Client Sided EncryptionYesNo
Adyen checkout APIYesYes
Server to ServerYesNo

6. Boletos Integration

When integration boletos it's important to pay special attention to Billing Fields restrictions (as billing address is mandatory for Boletos). Please follow all the guidelines contained in the Iten 3 of this guide.

When sending a boleto transaction using Adyen use the following selected brand:


7. Convert your USD prices into BRL

PrimeiroPay provides a guaranteed FX rate that is valid for the upcoming 24 business hours. This allows you to convert your USD prices into BRL without taking any risk on movements during these 24 hours.

Pulling our FX Rates