Settlement Term

Settlement TermDescriptionadd. fees

next day

Settlement happens on the next business days, although funds were not yet collected from the issuing banks yet.2.00%
daily after 31 daysSettlement happens on a daily basis after an initial 31 days which is the standard settlement term from issuing banks.none
previous weekWe settle you every Monday for the previous week.2.00%
previous monthWe settle you on the 10th of each month for the previous month2.00%
month before previous monthWe settle you D+40 after month endnone
bi-weeklyWe settle you bi-weekly on the 16th and 10th of each month for the previous two weeks2.00%
bi-weekly after 31 daysWe settle you bi-weekly with a delay of 31 days to be aligned with the settlement term from issuing banksnone