Fraud Alerts (TC40 / SAFE)

PrimeiroPay offers the merchants two possibilities to process TC40/SAFE messages

  1. Automatic Refund via PrimeiroPay
  2. Webhook notificiation

  1. Automatic Refund via PrimeiroPay

Fraud has been a challenging subject for the Brazilian e-commerce market. Together with its partners, PrimeiroPay has developed an unique solution which automatically refunds a transaction before a chargeback is being triggered.

We work with all banks nationwide that provides us data determining whether a transaction is confirmed fraud. 

In practical terms, banks are reaching out to the card holder via SMS, phone or email to confirm the transaction. If the card holder does not recognize the transaction, the respective bank will flag the transaction as Fraud. We pull this information from the bank and refund the transaction before a chargeback will hit in.

The Fraud Alert is specifically an effective tool for those merchants that deal with potential higher chargeback rates such as video gaming. 

Please reach out to us through our Support Center to have this enabled for you. We will notify you through webhooks for any refund that we will issue, so you can actions from your side to block the respective user account and/or withdraw the service.